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Hello! My name is Ashe! At the time of my writing this (October 28th, 2023 at 6:14:24PM) I am 21 years old & living in the America, as ol' James used to say it. I was introduced into gaming very young, since my mother grew up with Nintendo & there was a Gamecube in the house. Alongside that, I also spent a lot of tiem on the internet on old fansites, forums, & a lot of time watching Let's Plays and retro gaming videos on Youtube. Because of this, I began exploring older systems such as the NES & SNES, but I became particularly fond of the Nintendo 64 (which I've always considered retro despite growing up with it). While I dabbled a bit into collecting for the Nintendo 64 & the SEGA Dreamcast, I would consider my true start into retro game collection to be when I purchased a SEGA Saturn in November 2020, alongside when my buddy Jonathan introduced me to a proxy site called "Buyee", where I've been importing stuff from Japan since June 2021.

You shouldn't be reading this!

I'm also a video editor! My mom introduced me to Windows Movie Maker as a kid (I wanna say around 2010) and I kept at it on & off for a couple years. But starting in 2020 I started doing commission work & I edited Twitch stream highlights for a couple folks. Nowadays I edit bigger videos & projects for folks, mostly for my friends since they need stuff here & there.

You shouldn't be reading this!

Last interesting thing to note is that I'm also sorta a 3D animator. See one day at 2 in the morning, while I was recovering from a breakdown, I was playing "Team Fortress 2" when "I Want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis & the News started playing. I was reminded of "I Want a New Drug" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to learn how to 3D animate. In the span of about 8 hours, I did a small animation, a recreation of what a battle might've looked like in Earthbound 64 / MOTHER 3 N64. Ever since then, I've been on & off 3D animating, and a few of the animations in this site were made by me!

I hope you've learned a lot about me! I'm not very good at talking about myself, especially not in the present. Nowadays I just write down idesa & try to make videos, and just hang out with people, mostly with my wonderful girlfriend, Audrey!


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